Our diverse range of 360-degree VR services covers a wide array of sectors - from personal events like weddings to large-scale applications in healthcare, sports, music, film, education, and religious pilgrimages. Our VR solutions are tailored to your needs, bringing the future of video to your fingertips.
Okomo360 revolutionizes the VR experience by making it accessible and affordable to all. With a focus on education and entertainment, our platform unlocks the unlimited potential of VR, offering immersive and transformative experiences that cater to diverse interests. Discover a new dimension of possibilities with Okomo360.
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Immersive Weddings Experience the Magic of VR

Immersive Experience

VR weddings transport guests right into the heart of the ceremony, providing a 360-degree panoramic view. It's a unique way to make everyone feel as though they are truly present, experiencing every laugh, tear, and heartfelt moment in real-time.

Overcoming Distances and Accessibility

VR weddings bridge geographical barriers, enabling loved ones from anywhere in the world to join the celebration. It's particularly beneficial for elderly or disabled family members, making the event accessible and inclusive without the need for physical travel.

Relive the Moments

VR provides an opportunity to step back into the joyous day anytime you wish. It captures every detail of the surroundings, enabling the couple and guests to re-experience the special day as though they are there, again and again.

Privacy Preserved

VR weddings provide an immersive experience while maintaining the privacy of your special day. The VR footage is only accessible to those you choose to share it with, ensuring that your intimate moments are shared with only your loved ones.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Okomo360 is a unique platform that combines 360-degree VR technology with social media and video streaming, providing immersive experiences across various sectors like weddings, healthcare, sports, music, films, education, and tourism.
Okomo360 is innovating social media by introducing immersive 360-degree VR experiences to content sharing. It transforms the way people share and consume content, allowing users to live and relive experiences as if they were there again.
Okomo360 stands out for its unique focus on democratizing VR technology and integrating it into social media and video streaming. Unlike traditional VR platforms, Okomo360 allows you to not just view, but truly experience content from various sectors of life.
One of the key objectives of Okomo360 is to democratize VR, which involves making it freely accessible. Our aim is to make this cutting-edge technology available at no cost to users, ensuring everyone can enjoy the immersive experiences it offers.
Okomo360 is versatile and used in various sectors including weddings, healthcare, sports, music, films, education, tourism, and more. It allows users to feel like they are present at these events, offering a truly immersive experience.
No, Okomo360 is more than just a tech platform. It's a global community where memories are not just viewed, but lived and relived. We're revolutionizing how moments are captured, shared, and experienced.